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Jamie Forsyth

Hi, my name is Jamie and thanks for taking the time to view my profile.


Like physical health, we all have mental health and need to take care of it. Given how much of our lives are spent at work, it’s really important employers and employees take an active role in helping their colleagues stay well by spotting the signs and starting the conversation.


As a 'Wellbeing Ambassador' and 'Mental Health First Aider/ Instructor' my main motivation is providing support and guidance  to employers and their employees around managing mental health at work. I have a huge passion for breaking down the stigma attached to Mental Health. This is in part due to first hand personal experience of the discrimination faced inside and outside of the work place towards my own mental health diagnosis and living the devastating effect that can have on your life. 

As someone who has lived through poor mental health and someone who knows what is required to maintain good mental health, I feel this gives my course delivery the credibility and sincerity that really helps  the course content stay with the candidates way beyond the initial course dates. 


Over the years I have used my personal and professional experiences to help others understand the importance of good mental health. In my previous employment as a Prison Officer I dealt with many different people with a wide range of Mental Health conditions. I have also volunteered as a ‘Mentor Buddy’ for SOVA dealing with vulnerable teenagers who are in deprived social situations and often involved in substance abuse.    


I am currently  Wellbeing Ambassador, Changemaker, Mental First Aider and Mental Health lead for Amey Staffordshire Highways contract. I have experience of talking to large groups of employees including executives about the benefits of Mental Health First Aid within the work place. 


I am excited to continue my journey with MHFA England and delivering the MHFA England 2 day Adult Mental Health First Aider course.

I strongly believe that 'Self Care' is key to good mental health. My interests and hobbies are a massive part of my own self care and include drawing, music and spending time with my family and dogs.